Series: from (Across the Pond); Amsterdam

I didn't know what to expect out of Amsterdam. My brother and sister-in-law went to Amsterdam just a few months before and fell in love with the canal-lined city. But I wondered if it would feel smutty with weed and prostitution (I know, I know).

It was so much the opposite.

Friday Finds: At Home with Target

Saturday is moving day for me, which brings the most bittersweet emotions (more to come on that another time). If you know me (AKA read "About Us"), you know that I love decorating. I always say if I had an unlimited budget, I would have the most beautiful home.

This is 28.

If you asked me when I was younger where I would be at 28, the life I would have described would have been much different than this life I'm living. There's a lot that I'm proud of in my 27th year. And a lot of hopes I have for my 28th.